Sunday, January 25, 2009

No More Brothers and Sisters?!

Today at church I had an interesting conversation with Wyatt while we were waiting for Sacrament Meeting to begin. This is how it went...

Wyatt: Mom, who are your mom and dad?

Me: Grandma and Grandpa Cox are my parents.

Wyatt: Who are your brothers?

Me: Uncle Chris, Uncle Brent, Uncle Bryce, Uncle Drew, and Uncle Jeff.

Wyatt: Who are your sisters?

Me: I don't have any sisters.

Wyatt: Are you going to get any sisters?

Me: I don't think Grandma Cox wants to have any more kids. So probably not.

Wyatt: Oh.

Cool Glasses

Kevan and his new glasses!! Doesn't he look great!
Shortly after the school year started, his teacher noticed that he keep getting up to get closer to the white board when the class was asked to copy things into their planner. He would constantly get up and look at the board then go back to his seat to write down what he remembered then he would get up again. If he didn't finish in time for recess, then he would ask to stay in to finish his writing. Right away his teacher and I knew something wasn't right. So the school did an eye test on him and he passed, but "squinted quite a bit." So I finally got around to taking him to the eye doctor. And here is the result. He needs them all the time except for reading up close like a book.
He really likes them and so do his friends. The other day they were playing a new game in PE with plastic hockey sticks. A lot of his friends in class were concerned for Kevan and his new glasses. How cute is that?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homemade Bread

Yesterday I decided my pantry needed a deep cleaning and reorganization. I came across several bags of Bread Flour that expires at the end of the month. So I decided I needed to make bread. I usually make bread in the breadmaker, so this was the first time I made bread the manual way, but it actually tastes pretty good. I'm still working on making them look good. My family is supporting me and devouring the bread one slice at a time. I'm going to make a little each day until I either run out of flour or the end to the month comes. This is 50% whole wheat bread and I hope it freezes well. I freeze store bought bread, so why would this be any different?

Running View

Shawn noticed that while I ran on the treadmill, I was looking at a blank blue wall. To my credit, I do have an MP3 player. So Shawn created this wall of quotes to read while I run. I love the one in the middle. It keeps me going to the very end.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday was quite the day. It all started when all the kids were awake before the alarm went off. This is usually a tip off that I am going to be grumpy for the rest of the day. I got Kevan off to the bus, but he nearly missed it because the bus was early. (There should be rules against school buses for being early!) I got Wyatt and his friend, Tommy, to preschool right on time. But I wasn't home very long when I got a call from his teacher saying that Wyatt has had a bloody nose for the last 15 minutes. So gathered up Morgan and some extra clothes and went back to the preschool. The nose thing had stopped by then, but he needed a change of clothes. Then things were pretty normal until right before naptime. I get a call from Kevan's school saying that Kevan needed some new pants. So we all got back into the car to rescue Kevan. Finally we get back home and Morgan is asleep in her carseat. I get her to bed, but of course she wakes up. I was tired, so let her cry it out while I convinced Wyatt that a nap would be a really good idea. Finally, they are both in bed and quiet, I decide I've got enough time to run a couple of miles on the treadmil before Kevan comes home from school. I haven't ran in a while and guess what? I hurt my toe. But despite all of the unexpected events, I was still able to say my daily prayers, make my bed, read my scriptures, have family scripture study, family home evening, and family prayer. It goes to show that if you make time for spiritual things, you will still have time to deal with life.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Fun

While we were on Winter Break we decided to have some fun with all that snow.
What a cute snow family!
Here is Morgan sledding down our snow pile.

Wyatt's turn down our hill.

Here is Shawn and Morgan taking a break from all that snowman building.

Kevan's turn down the snow pile.