Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawn!!!

Instead of a birthday cake, Shawn requested a Banana Cream Pie for his birthday treat. Good thing for him, I make good Banana Cream Pie!
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Husband, Father, Varsity Leader, Engineer, Son, Brother, Brother-in-Law, and Friend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa Edgar!

I just wanted to tell my Grandpa Edgar Happy Birthday! We can't wait to come and visit you and grandma this March.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just An Update

After talking with Jodie yesterday, I thought I should update everyone one on what is going on with us. It's really not big stuff, but it is our stuff.

I am still making bread. In fact, I haven't bought bread in the store since December. I had heard that whole wheat bread doesn't make good french toast so I made some white bread and the best french toast ever! With the rest of the white bread I made cheese toast to go with our spaghetti last night. The other night I made pizza. I usually make it with regular flour. But this time a made it with a flour mixture that was created by Cornell University. I guess unbleached white flour replaces 3 to 5 of the 25 nutrients discarded with the bran and germ. But if you will take a 1 cup measure and add 1 T. each of wheat germ, soy flour (sorry dad and grandma), and powdered milk, then fill it up with flour. This will give you a nutritional content similar to whole wheat, but you are missing the fiber part. So I did this with the pizza crust and it worked! With the wheat germ it kind of looks like whole wheat, but it tasted just like my regular pizza. And it was better for us!

Shawn has started a new position at work. He has been asked to be part of the design team to build a new building to house spend fuel from aircraft carriers. It is still pretty new, so I'm not sure if he likes it or hates it. I'll keep you posted.

I'm trying to find a preschool for Wyatt next year. His current teacher teaches preschool in the morning and Kindergarten in the afternoon. And next year she will go full time to Kindergarten. I want him to go the school district's preschool, but it is really hard to get in. And it is $50. If I can't get him in there then I may have to pay $70 - $75. Joy School or a co-op is not an option. I am not a teacher!

Kevan is doing awesome in school. He is excelling in Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math. Math is probably his favorite. He has just over 40 AR points. That is about 80 books that he has read since the beginning of the year. What To Go!

In March, Shawn is going to Utah State to a Career Fair to recruit for his company. We are all going with him. We are going to a day early and are going to spend some time in Salt Lake City and celebrate Kevan's birthday. Plus the hotel is on the company and some of the gas. It will be a fun break in the middle of the week.

Shawn and I are still running and training for this summer. 5K here we come! I am excited on the weight I am losing and the strength I've been gaining. My legs, back, and stomach are so strong. I'm sure every one knows that I am not the athletic type so this huge for me. I can run 1.25 miles without stopping or slowing down to recover. For the nonathletic type like me, that is a big deal! My goal to run the entire 5K without stopping to recover.

So we are still alive and more updates to come...