Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Thrifty Deal!

I love the Ammon Albertson's. Right now they are having a Dr. Pepper Sale. Buy $20 worth of any kind of Dr. Pepper and get a $10 Catalina "On You Next Purchase." Also, Coke is having a deal that if you buy 2 cases of soda, you get 2 free. My Ammon store will only let each customer buy 8 cases of Dr. Pepper per day. Below is a picture of my trip this morning. Before tax, it would have cost me $70.45. I paid $13.49 with tax.

You can do this too. Get 8 cases of Dr. Pepper (regular, diet, caffeine free, and Cherry Vanilla) for $5.29 each. (2 separate transactions)
Pay $10.58 + tax out of pocket for the 1st transaction.
Next buy the other 4 and use $10 Catalina and pay $.58 + tax. Plus you get another $10 Cat.
Also right now, Albertson's is having a buy $10 worth of select items you get $3 off instantly.
I got 2 sparkle paper towels, 2 Angel soft toilet paper, and 3 Playtex disposable gloves for FREE.
This is how:
2 Sparkle Paper Towels - $1.00 each
2 Angel Soft toilet paper 4 pk- $2.50 each
3 Playtax Disposable Gloves - $1.00 each
Get $3 off instantly
Use (2) $2/1 Angel Soft/Sparkle found at
Use (3) $1/1 Playtex Gloves from SS 5/3
= FREE + tax.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Thrifty Deal

Amy inspired me to take a picture of my most resent deal at Albertson's. Before taxes and discounts, it would have cost me $42.20. But I got all this for $3.46 including tax!!

I love getting deals like this!

Random Summer Fun and 4th of July

In June, we were able to see a B-17 Flying Fortress. It was only here for a few days then it was off to another airport in another state. It was an amazing museum with wings.

You had to pay to go in, so being as thrifty as I was, I opted not to go in, but everyone else did. Plus, I think Morgan was free!

Here we visited the Titanic Exhibit. When we received our tickets, we also received a boarding pass of actual passengers. At the end we found out if any of our people were survivors. All but 1 person survived. A great exhibit if you ever have a chance to go.

Outside the museum

Waiting for the parade to start. Shawn go up at 4:30 in the morning to stake out our spots. It was a little sunny, but a great spot at the beginning to the parade route.




After the parade, we somehow started a tradition to eat lunch at Olive Garden. It is the only time we take the kids to Olive Garden all year.

Later that day for dinner, we had a BBQ at our place with the family and then heading over to Grandpa and Grandma Going's place for fireworks. The have a huge driveway that is perfect for our big show.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Morgan Turns 2

Sorry this post is a month late, but here is the latest on our little 2 year old.

I'm not as good as Shana, but this was my attempt to make a cute "flower" cake for Morgan.